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St. Lukes…

So thanks to Daddy, I got an SCA day with no kidlets! It is so rare that I get a quiet day all to myself…


I picked up Orla around 7am for the drive down. She was a wonderful carmate. We chatted the whole way down. Get there and set up (for the next hour). Food is such a pain to set up A&S – it is just INVOLVED.


I had 2 entries:



Dairy Challenge:  You have an extra 2 gallons of milk per day to process into solid, storable foodstuffs. What do you do?


I made 1 week’s worth of cheesestuffs (14 gallons of milk) – I was the only entry.


On the table I had:


1)      3 3lb wheels of Gouda

2)      1 - 1 lb wheel zeigerkase

3)      2 lbs salted herb “bag” cheese

4)      3.5 lbs pot cheese (farmers cheese)

5)      3 lbs butter

6)      Buttermilk

7)      7 oz buttermilk cheese

8)      Whey for drinking

9)      Bread made from the whey

10) Ricotta (intended but failed so ricotta from the cheddar was substituted)


The emphasis was Flanders 14th century. 

I think I did ok on the documentation. I would have liked to have had it tighter to Flanders, but oh well.




Here’s the documentation


Feedback was good. Ehbilin had lots to say which was helpful. I’ve also got to check a couple of sources for things I “assumed”.


Jawiega gave me a bottle of Orange Blossom water to make Food of Angels from the Pot cheese. I will try that later with a new batch. I gave what was left to Orla as I knew it would go bad before I would use it.



Entry #2 was the Supply Chain with Marcellus & Arghylle.


Marcellus made a cheese press & Arg made a mould. I made cheddar cheese. I thought I had found documentation for it, but alas, not. So I have a 5 lb block of cheddar that may not age right due to the thinness of it that isn’t a period cheese. Sigh… Guess I just have to eat it…..


Here’s a photo: 
The "barrel" is the mould made by Arg.  The stand is the press made by Marcellus. The big round block is a 5 lb hunk of new cheddar.  The bowl has ricotta from the chedder.  the cloth is covering bricks used for weight.

There were 2 entries to that challenge and we won (yippy!)

Elspeth gave us hand blown glasses.


In general I really liked the event. At KASF if you display, you don’t know if anyone will even be interested in what you have. At this one you knew there was at least one person that would talk to you in depth about your display/entry. Having the feedback was very nice. It didn’t bother me that I was the only entry in the Cheese challenge. I see it as more of an opportunity to focus a project in a specific direction. I work better that way than “display something!” kind of shows. You are also not trying to compare leatherworking to chocolate making to come up with a “winner”. It does have more of a “best in field” winner feel, but ya know, that’s ok. It also gave you someone to learn from if you had more than one entrant.


The drive back was a little harder, but still eversograteful for the company. And since I was driving the new car (w/ 38.2mpg) the gas hit wasn’t bad at all.


Much tired and happy it is over for right now. Getting back to sewing.


Orla & I talked about new garb on the way home. I am determined to finish my “kitchen dress” before 12th night when I am in the kitchen. It has been cut and fit. I just have to do the buttons or lacing, hem & sleeves. I think lacing. It will be a nice underkirtle if I do that… It’s a 10 gore.


And I think for KASF I’ll be showing at least part of a new Hemd that is mostly handworked. Maybe. Or at least I’ll have part of a new dress to show. I really need a new dress.


I don't leave cookies...I leave cheeessssseeeee
Your cheese was awesome! And the Gouda was *really* good!! I was really impressed with the whole display. I never realized that you could get *that* much from just a weeks worth of milk!
Of course I didn't realize it way *you* there until we were on our way home and Orla made the connection for me...

Anyway, producing the whole week of milk was something I wouldn't give on. I wanted people to see just how much 14 gallons makes. It's harder to relate when you only have a "sample" of each. The variety you can produce is just astounding.

Besides, it really was good for people to see & tastes real butter/buttermilk & buttermilk cheese to see that they are very different from what we expect now.

Your entry was one of the highlights of the event for me. I have to say that I liked the gouda the best. Any time you have any of that left over, feel free to pass some on to me. I am sort of glad I opted not to compete against you in the supply chain effort. I am not worthy!
If I grow up and become a laural some day and this event is still going I have a fabu challenge idea... and no, I'm not going to tell you. I may take it to my grave:P

What were you going to do for Suppy chain?
I was working with Mariana Francisco. She was pouring Elizabethan ouches in pewter, then I was going to gild them and use them on some clothing. My part never happened.
Farmer's cheese... nom nom nom... :)
Your entry was amazing!
Your display was amazing, and the cheese was to die for. Yum!

In the words if the fabulous Isolte, we are not worthy!

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